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My story: from underutilized and undervalued to aggressive and comprehensive alignment with God's purpose.


I'm Warren Wills

I'm a husband, father, friend, professional and from Atlanta, GA, and the host of The Hostile Takeover podcast. Thanks for stopping by!

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I know what it's like to live life and know that I was missing out on what God really purposed for me. Even in the midst of tremendous blessings, I knew deep-down that I was selling myself short. I was selling God short.


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What is aggressive transformation?

Aggressive transformation is an actionable and intensive strategy to accelerate transformation in every area of your life by leveraging your God-given gifts in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

This is a strategy that I currently implement in my life and I've learned so much about who I am and how to rapidly activate and develop in my purpose in every area of my life.

Matthew 11:12 says that we are to violently fight for our part and role in the kingdom with zeal and intense exertion. That is the biblical definition of aggressive transformation. 

Why is it necessary for people like us?

If you're anything like me, you're type-A and have been gifted with skills and talents to live a good life. And without any thought, you can carry-on in life, going through the motions and look up, only to realize that while you were very blessed, you left a lot of unclaimed experiences, triumphs, lessons and testimonies on the table. And as a result, your impact in your family and community has been stunted and dulled.

You're highly motivated, yet missing the mark on living at your unique maximum operating level.

How did I make the shift? 

To be honest, I wish I could say that I just made the committment one day and, boom, everything was different. Yes, I made the committment but it was continued committment over and over. My behaviors and my decision-making didn't immediately adjust over-night but over time (and in God's time), my alignment with my purpose grew closer day after day, month after month, year after year.

It looks like saying yes to that urge the moment it presents itself to make changes and decisions aligned with God's real-time plan for your life.

What happens if you don't fully align
with God's plan? 

God revealed to me the cost of inaction if I didn't start aggressively pursuing my transformation journey:


Future generational growth and development limited by ongoing generational curses.


Underdeveloped impact as a leader with limited influence for strategic life decisions.

Unprepared & Untrained

Vulnerable to life's challenges without proper tools and best practices.


Unrealized benefit or significantly delayed benefit from God's personal investment in you.

What does it cost to transform?  

Along this journey, it will be required to commit to the fight of your life, over and over. As many times as required. This isn't a journey of perfection, rather a journey of iterative improvement.

This journey is truly for warriors that are determined to fight for what God intends. Warriors must endure intense training in preparation for ongoing combat, and in training and combat, warriors will get winded and wounded. Wounds hurt and there's even pain in the healing of wounds too. While pain is inevitable, God has a plan, even for the pain.

This is where aggressive submission comes into play. In order for you to streamline your transformation journey, you must aggressively submit every part of your life to the instruction and guidance from your creator. Aggressive submission looks like learning how leverage your God-given gifts to partner with the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 11:12 says that we are to violently fight for our part and role in the kingdom with zeal and intense exertion.

What are the long-term benefits?


As you learn to better partner with the Holy Spirit, you'll be far more confident with decisions - and not afraid of bad decisions because you have confidence in God's faithful grace.

Typically, the larger the perceived risk, the larger the reward. Confidence in your decisions allows God to take larger risks or make larger moves with you because of His confidence in your commitment and alignment with His Holy Spirit.

As you grow in your transformation, generational curses will be faced head-on and broken to give your family a jumpstart on life. It's similar to saving up a home down-payment to give to your children when they graduate from college.

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