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My story, a problem solver's dream: From being trained as a chemical engineer to advising retail and consumer good c-suites.


I'm Warren Wills

I'm a husband, girl-dad, entrepreneur and your resident business and retail expert from Atlanta, GA. Thanks for stopping by!

As an advisor and consultant, I've had the great fortune of partnering with industry-leading companies to solve some of the most challenging and hairest problems. However, my journey to get here required more than just a degree and experience, it required my aggressive pursuit of purpose. 


What is aggressive transformation?

Aggressive transformation is an actionable and intensive strategy to accelerate transformation in your business (and life) by aligning your daily decision-making to a greater strategic vision.

This is a strategy that I currently implement in my life and the core of every engagement I have with my clients. Having a framework goes beyond creating boundaries for your thinking but it should also inspire expanded creativity to build even more momentum to transform (and scale) rapidly.

Why is it necessary for people like us?

If you're anything like me, you're type-A and have been gifted with skills and ideas to build a sustainable business. And you can carry-on with some level of success, but you know deep-down you're missing out on opportunities to grow from unfulfilled potential and lessons that could elevate your impact. Let's rapidly transform your business to operate at its unique maximum level, unlocking unclaimed success and making a lasting impact in your industry and community.


How did my clients make the shift? 

Transformation is hard, complex and exhausting. To be honest, I wish I could say that my client's just threw money at it and, boom, everything was different. That simply doesn't work, true transformation must come from the core and heart of the people making decisions for the business. Behaviors and decision-making don't immediately adjust over-night but over time. The pace is always determined by the committment and willingness of the people. Aggressive prioritization and strategic alignment + incremental improvement is the pace-setter.

What happens if you don't transform quickly? 

From years of solving some of the toughest problems for leading reatil and consumer good companies, I've learned some core costs of inaction:


Future business growth and development limited by traditional ways of thinking and decision-making.


Underdeveloped impact as a leader with limited influence to continue improving your customer's experience.

Unprepared & Untrained

Vulnerable to volatile business conditions and challenges without proper tools and best practices and adjust and win.


Unrealized benefit or significantly delayed benefit from your stakeholders' personal investment in you as a leader.

What does it cost to transform?  

Along this journey, you will be required to commit to the transformation, over and over. As many times as required. This isn't a journey of perfection, rather a journey of iterative improvement.

This journey is truly for resilient business owners that are determined to fight for growth. You must endure intense planning in preparation for ongoing challenges. And like all successful warriors in training and combat, warriors will get winded and wounded. Transformation can hurt.

In order for you to streamline your transformation journey, you must aggressively prioritize and align every part of your business to your strategic vision. This looks like learning how leverage your team and other resources to create processes and systems that sustain your business.

What are the long-term benefits?


As you learn to better align your daily decision-making to your strategic vision, you'll be far more confident with decisions - and not afraid of bad decisions because you have confidence in your continued prioritization alignment practices.

Typically, the larger the perceived risk, the larger the reward. Confidence in your decisions allows your stakeholders to take larger risks or make larger investments with you because of their confidence in your commitment and alignment with your strategic vision.

As you grow in your transformation, traditional ways of working will be faced head-on and broken to give your business a jumpstart towards future transformation. It's similar to saving up a home down-payment to give to your children when they graduate from college.

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