Everyone has a unique spiritual journey. No matter where you are in that journey, the right biblical strategy can help you maximize the impact of your purpose.


I'm Warren Wills

I'm a husband, father, friend and professional from Atlanta, GA, and the host of The Hostile Takeover podcast. Thanks for stopping by!

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I know what it's like to live life and know that I was missing out on what God really purposed for me. Even in the midst of tremendous blessings, I knew deep-down that I was selling myself short. I was selling God short. 

It's at that point that God revealed to me that I was underutilized and undervalued.

I know what it's like to live a blessed life and still be unfulfilled.

Spiritually, I wasn't really allowing God to be Lord in so many areas and that was manifesting itself in real ways in my life: like fears of financial lack, dealing with really high highs and really low lows in my marriage, and that layered with lustful distractions and my own personal challenges with discipline, and ALL of that wrapped in deep-seeded insecurities that I was an imposter as a husband, father, professional, you name it.

I am what it looks like to live a blessed life and still be unfulfilled. God revealed to me that I was underutilized and undervalued. He saw that I wasn't operating on the level of His purpose for me.

Aggressive submission to the Holy Spirit


Since that revelation, I have been on this journey towards rerouting every area of my life back to God with the help of aggressive submission to the Holy Spirit and the activation of my own God-given gifts.

Matthew 11:12 says that the kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the volent take it by force.

Basically, anyone that's serious about their purpose within the kingdom must be ready to deny themselves or any distracting force any time, any day, anywhere, on-site!

The scenic route is the best route.

The benefits of this journey have been and are amazing. While I don't believe I'm "on the other side" there is so much fulfillment and joy in the process. I've been learning so much about myself and how I was created to live. I've learned so much about God and who He is and how He loves. My faith has increased because I have this confidence in God's ability and willingness to take care of literally everything. I don't feel inclined to worry about many of the things that used to stress or distract me.

Want to rapidly and aggressively reclaim your life and purpose for the kingdom?

If so, you're in the right place! I'm doing the work as we speak and I'm happy to share my journey and lessons learned along the way.

I've created a FREE 5-day devotional that prepares your heart and mind for relentless pursuit of God's best for you.

After this FREE workshop, you'll:

  • Realize and engage in God's presence in your life through gratitude journaling
  • Activate God's truth about your purpose over your life through bible-based affirmations
  • Inspire readiness and desire for transformation.

If you have even 30 minutes a day, you can put this plan into action and begin your aggressive transformation journey.


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