Marketplace Matters

The marketplace is a powerful force. It impacts our lives in ways we may not even recognize. In fact, it shapes who we are and what we value as a society. That’s why it’s so important to have God's people influence the marketplace for His glory!

I want to share with you the most significant reasons believers should influence the marketplace:

The world's economy is managed and funded by the marketplace.

It's important that leaders in the marketplace know God and His purpose for their life to make the right decisions in their business that will ultimately impact the overall economy.

The marketplace provides opportunity to exemplify and demonstrate God's love.

This can be through done business practices, products/services, and interaction with employees and customers.

Supernatural power is released and activated.

When believers engage the marketplace, they are opening up themselves to God's supernatural power to affect transformational change in creative, unique and sustainable ways.

Culture is transformed.

The marketplace is the arena where culture is shaped. When believers engage the marketplace, they are influencing how people think, what they value and how they engage with one another on daily basis.

We all have the responsibility to influence the marketplace for Christ's glory! Whether you are an entrepreneur, work in a business or consume goods and services, we are all equipped with God-given gifts and skills that enable effective engagement in the marketplace.

May we be bold in stepping into this arena, knowing that God Himself is with us as we seek to bring Him glory! Please feel free to share other important reasons believers should influence the marketplace in the comments section below.