How to Nurture Your Gifts

You have a gift, you may have more than one gift. Question is, are you clear on what your gift is and how it should be applied? It took me a while to identify my own gifts or at least identify the gifts that I believe are purposed for me to focus on and are the most important for me to apply. From my own experience, I've noted six steps that I believe will help you nurture your gift to it's fullest potential:

  1. Take a look at what you're good at and try to do it more often. Start by taking a look at what you're good at. It can be something small like encouraging your coworkers or something big like teaching group fitness classes. The reason why we should do what we're good at more often is because it's fun and fulfilling. Doing things that are fun energizes us and gives us life!

  2. Try new things that might help you discover your gift. If you don't think you're exactly passionate about something then you should gain some exposure. Experience new things that might help you discover your gift. This can actually be a fun process and will push you into discovering so much more about yourself and the gifts laying dormant inside of you.

  3. Find other people who have the same gift as you and connect with them. When you find people who have the gift that you share, connect with them. It's important to build a support system for yourself so you can identify new and creative ways of applying your gift. The internet provides open access to the world that makes it easy to find your tribe.

  4. Find ways of giving back - volunteer, donate money or time. Giving back is such an important principal of life. Give your gift to get more of it. Support others as they discover and share their gifts and watch your gifts start to overflow in abundance in your own life.

  5. Learn how to manage your stress levels so they don't get in the way of fulfilling your gifts. Take the time to recharge so you can operate fully in your gift. If your energy valve is half open, only half of your gift can flow through. Workout, meditate, go on a weekend getaway - do whatever you need to do to ensure you're able to fully represent your gift properly.

  6. Practice gratitude - be thankful for all the things that make life worth living. It can be easy to look at others and compare their gift to yours or worse, compare the impact of their gift to yours. Trust in your gift to do exactly what it was purposed to do by being thankful for what you do have. No gift is greater than the other gift. Each gift has a different purpose that all works together for a greater purpose. Do your part.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below - what are your gifts? How are you nurturing your gifts and how are you uniquely applying your gifts?